Želivka SCI

Želivka Site of community importance (SCI) covers an area of 1329.21 ha and is an important biodiversity centre, both on the Czech and European level. It represents a distributional centre for Minuartia smejkalii, which is situated in 7 micro-populations (one of them has however already been extinct). Želivka SCI is located in two regions: the Central Bohemian Region and Vysočina Region. Big part of the SCI area is created by a water surface, where the protection of an asp (Aspius aspius - species of European importance) is the main focus.  In the body of the dam, a priority species bat Barbastella barbastellus is protected at European level (similarly to M. smejkalii). The habitat consists of a mosaic of several vegetation types. Many of them belong among important European habitats under Annex I habitats Directive (92/43/ECC).


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