Public awareness

In the project we pay great attention to raising awareness about the uniqueness of Minuartia smejkalii and its localities and importance of NATURA 2000 network for nature conservation. Special attention is given to the local people, who are very important for rescue of Minuartia smejkalii. Simultaneously we intensively work with children from nursery school to students of secondary schools and universities.

Events for general public

Events for specialists

Events for schools

- educational programme "Get to know SCI Želivka

- educational programme  "Natura 2000 and nature protection"

Enhancement of awareness about project sites and Minuartia smejkalii

- creation of set of geocaches

- Building of touristic point near the road  Bernartice - Borovsko

- Placement of serpentine grinding with important species to the garden exposition in Vodní dům.