Planting of Minuartia

One of the methods of Minuartia smejkalii protection is its planting in private gardens. It's a unique method that has not been used for rescue of any plant species in the Czech Republic yet. Similarly, as endangered animals are keeping in ZOOs, the rescuing population of Minuartia smejkalii can grow in your garden.

We already have the first candidates for cultivation in Bernartice and in Vlašim. Join you too.

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What do you get?

  • ČSOP Vlašim will help you to establish serpentine rock in your garden
  • You will get instructions on Minuartia cultivation and seeds or seedlings
  • The expert from the Institute of Botany of AS CR will advise you regularly
  • You also get an information table on your fence or to your rockery with an explanation of your role in plants protection

Help us to rescue of Minuartia smejkalii and try a new method of nature protection!

The program of Rescue planting in private gardens will start in April 2017. With the beginning of the program you will find here instructions, questions and answers on planting and other information.