Population enhancement

After management implementation on localities, new suitable habitats for Minuartia smejkalii will be created, in which we will realize the direct populations’ enhancement by sowing the seeds obtained directly on their original localities and by bedding out (outplanting) of plants already planted in serpentine substrate the Institute of Botany of AS CR. Using of serpentine substrate provides that the planted genotypes are capable to growth in serpentine substrate.

We will collect maximally 5% of seed production per population and currently maximally 300 seeds per plant, in order not to endanger the existing population of Minuartia smejkalii. One Minuartia bunch produces in average 1500 seeds during a growing season. Most of them, however, remain in the vicinity of parent plant and do not germinate. Collecting the seeds and their re-sowing/outplanting of new individuals thus do not negatively affect the survival of the species on locality.

New individuals germinated in “sowing” plots and outplanting individuals will be marked and their fitness will be evaluated regularly.

Reintroduction of the species will occur in a peripheral locality, where Minuartia smejkalii became extinct about five years ago as a result of degraded habitat conditions. This locality will be revitalized firstly and then the seeds will be sown there and the seedlings coming from plants of ex-situ population will be planted there. Each individual will be marked with a label and its fitness will be evaluated.