Ex-situ protection

The Ex-situ population will be established on the serpentine rock built in outdoor exposure of the Visitor Centre “EVL Želivka Vodní dům (Water house)”, which is located in the vicinity of the dam. So, the population will grow in the same climatic conditions as the natural populations.

 On the basis of genetic diversity analysis of populations and the evaluation of inter-populations hybrids vitality realized in the Institute of Botany of AS CR we will determine the optimal design of seeds collection for ex-situ population (i.e. whether use one population or create a mixture of populations), to preserve the highest genetic variability as well as not to reduce the fitness of inter-populations hybrids.

Each individual will be marked by labels to monitor its fitness. Each year we will collect the seeds (part of them) to test their germinability. These seeds will be stored in the Institute of Botany of AS CR. We also will use part of these seeds to reintroduction of the species on the locality parts where Minuartia has already been extinct.

In the last year of the project we will evaluate genetic diversity in ex-situ population as well as in reintroduced population.