Ex-situ protection

The Ex-situ population was established on two serpentine rock built in garden exposure of the Visitor Centre “EVL Želivka Vodní dům (Water house)”, which is located in the vicinity of the dam. Plants thus grows in the same climatic conditions as the natural populations.

The ex-situ population was established on the basis of analysis of genetic diversity and evaluation of fitness of interpopulation hybrids. According the results, only seeds from Želivka SCI were used. Nevertheless, the ex-situ population was established from the mixture of seeds originated from differnet populations: DK2, DK3, DK4 and DK5.

The photos from reseach are here.

In 2017, more than 2000 seeds were sown to the rock, nevertheless, they did not germinated. Therefore the ex-situ population was established only by transplantation of 1689 juvenile plants for two consequent years. The establishment of population was successful – plants are producing seeds with high germination rate and new seedlings are establishing.

Photos from ex-situ population are here