Rescue planting in private garden

In the LIFE project creates completely new approach for integration of local people into the species protection – the program of Rescue planting in private gardens. This program represents the most significant content of the project coming from the interests of local people "to have their own local unique plant in their own gardens".

In contrast to other conventional approaches – planting of endangered species in ex-situ cultivation, this activity is specific by the fact that the plants are planted in the private gardens of local people. Local people are thus motivated to protect actively species habitats.

Due to extensiveness and specificity of this activity the working group dealing with the rescue planting in all possible aspects was established.

This activity includes discussions on many social levels. Firstly, we carry out awareness among local people to persuade them, that protected species persist better in the nature (their natural habitats). At the same time, we offer them an alternative – the possibility how to plant the species legally in their own gardens.

At the next level, we discuss directly with the organizations concerning with the protection of rare species, for which we are preparing the general methodology of rescue planting. This methodology includes description of conditions necessary for planting in local gardens, instruction on the coordination of individual growers, a method of reaching out to new candidates and their selection, the form of cooperation, handling with new individuals, checking and evaluation of success, etc.

Due to the fact that it is a completely new approach to protection of endangered plants speciesin the Czech Republic, we also discuss with the appropriate authorities of nature conservation (“AOPK, MŽP”) about the inclusion of this program into the legislation, establishing of general rules for applicability for other appropriate species and finding financial resources for this program.

More information about the program Rescue planting in private gardens, including options, how to get involved, can be seen in the section Planting of Minuartia.