Ecosystem services

Within the project there will be drawn up a study regarding assessment of project impact on ecosystem services on the area of European important locality of Želivka (part of the SCI Serpentine at Želivka) and European important locality Hadce u Hrnčíř. Evaluation of ecosystem services will be implemented in the first year of project and retried using the same methodology last year of project.

Evaluation of ecosystem services will be implemented using two methods:

a) The MAES methodology

The evaluated parameters of ecosystem services will be mainly based on parameters for forest ecosystems referred to in the methodology and will be divided into three basic types (provisioning, regulating/maintenance and cultural).

b) Evaluation of ecosystems functions and services

Within this methodology, 4 basic ecosystem services will be evaluated: 1) biodiversity 2) an estimate of oxygen production, 3) microclimate forest function 4) water cycle and water retention support. These services will be then recalculated to economic value of biotope using the methodology and the minimum value for maintaining of biodiversity, depending on the size and representativeness of localities, will be determined. These data will be compared between these two assessments and on the basis of their difference there will be determined the benefit obtained from funds invested to biodiversity increase.