Hadce u Hrnčíř SCI

Hadce u Hrnčíř Site of community importance (SCI) covers an area of 2.83 ha. It represents one of the last two locations with occurrence of Minuartia smejkalii. The locality is situated on the border of two regions: the Central Bohemian Region and South Bohemian Region. Specifically, the locality lies about 400 m NW from the village Hrnčíře on the way over Hrnčířský stream, which leads to water reservoir. In the past, there used to be several places with occurrence of Minuartia smejkalii in the Blanice river valley (between towns Mladá Vožice and Louňovice pod Blaníkem). Currently, the only locality of Minuartia smejkalii in this region is in NM Hadce u Hrnčíř.


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