General information

NNM Hadce u Želivky geomorphologically belongs to Českomoravská vrchovina (Bohemian-Moravian Highlands), part Křemešnická vrchovina (Křemešnice Highlands), sub-part Želivská pahorkatina (Želivská Hills), district Čechtická pahorkatina (Čechtice Hills). Climatically, this area is slightly warm (MT10). It consists of particular microareas with different sunlight exposure and extremely different temperatures: steep slopes with south exposure, high sunbathing and shallow skeleton soil contrasting with shadow wet parts with north exposition and deeper soil. The altitude is between 385 and 425 meters above the sea. Phytogeografically, the area belongs to district 41 - Střední Povltaví (Middle Vltava Basin). Biogeographically, it is continental region.