Removal of humus layer

M. smejkalii is bound to serpentine substrate, so accumulation of humus layer or changing soil chemistry leads to its suppression. Additionally, changed soil chemistry lead to development of competitively strong plants. For this reason, on selected sites with high humus layer or acidic litter, removal of this layer was done by digger of manually. The humus layer was removed mainly from small old serpentine queries (Central part, B1), forest roads (Central part) or rocks (DK1, B2). In Central Part, DK3 and H several patches with bare soil were created for spreading of serpentine species. Totally, humus layer was removed from 1.27 ha.

Photos from action are available here.


Evaluation of plant community showed that the removal of humus layer was successful only if it was radical and let to uncovering of serpentine bedrock. In such case the serpentine community was established in the fourth year after removal of humus layer.