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Life for Minuartia project consortium was held at the CSOP Vlašim Eco-centrum on 29.11.2017. Consortium discussed the project's progress so far, dealt with the main activities, further progress, possible problems and project changes. It dealt in particular with the issue of forest pasture in Site of Community Importance Želivka and insufficient number of seedlings for the rescue planting on the rock gardens.

The members of the consortium are representatives of the main organizations involved in the implementation of the project: the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, the Forests of the Czech Republic, the Povodí Vltavy (Vltava River Basin Administration), the municipalities of Bernartice and Kamberk and of course, all associated beneficiaries.

Autor: Arnošt Cetkovský
Kategorie: regionální produkty
Projekt: OP VK