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Minuartia plants settled in the gardens



We have created Minuartia smejkalii rescue populations to keep their living populations and to preserve their genetic diversity just for case of extinction in their original localities, within the Life for Minuartia Project.

After the construction of serpentine rockeries (small rocks in the gardens), the Minuatia smejkalii plants coming from the seeds from in-situ populations of the Želivka Site of community importance (SCI) were planted on rock-gardens in Bernartice, Vlašim, Benešov, Petroupim and Vojslavice in October.

Unfortunately, the Minuartia smejkalii plants coming from the seeds from Hadce u Hrnčíř Site of community importance (SCI) population did not germinate in sufficient quantity to be able to plant them this year. The rockeries in Kamberk and Libouň have so far remained without plants. The seeds collected in the population of Hadce u Hrnčíř SCI this year are however germinating promisingly. We will thus plant the Minuartia plants on these rocks in the autumn of 2018.

Gardeners have also received instructions how to care about Minuartia smejkalii. The instructions for Minuartia smejkalii planting are also downloadable on our website.

Look at the photos from Minuartia planting in Bernartice:

Autor: Hana Pánková, PhD.
Projekt: LIFE pro kuřičku