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Humus removal helps Minuartia Smjekalii to spread out



Currently, works on removal of the humus layer in the Natura 2000 site Hadce u Želivky run at full speed. The humus have been accumulating on the site, increasing the soil fertility. Minuartia smejkalii adapted to the nutrient poor serpentine soils was loosing its sites to species which are more competitive in fertile environment.

According to our experience from removal of humus in a small stone pit near Bernartice, Minuartia smejkalii is able to spread to newly disturbed sites quickly.

On top of that, removed humus is used as one of the layers of the serpentine outcrops in private garden serving as locations for the ex-situ population of Minuartia smejkalii.

We hope more plants will grow out of the seed bank contained in the humus and thus make the outcrops more attractive.

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Autor: Ondřej Pašek
Kategorie: regionální produkty
Projekt: LIFE pro kuřičku